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Robert McKay has studied various martial arts over the years. He began training in 1982, earning his first instructor rank, ten years later, in an eclectic Filipino Kuntaw Silat style.

Robert continued teaching, while furthering his own studies in the Indonesian art of Pencak Silat Mande Muda. Eventually, Robert earned Jagabaya Instructor rank in Mande Muda. He is licensed to teach, through the Suwanda Academy in West Java, Indonesia.

In addition to many years of martial arts training, Robert is also a Registered Nurse. He was employed in a locked-door psychiatric facility for six years. Violent outbursts by patients were a common occurrence. This environment gave Robert the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in dealing with both the mental and physical aspects of aggression.

To join one of Robert's dynamic Pencak Silat classes, please visit the class info page.

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